The technical properties of the fresh fabric are specially designed to give you maximum comfort. They work actively to minimize the inconveniences of heat and guarantee maximum comfort, practicality and quality.

Find out what is hidden behind this fabric and which benefits you will get from using it in summer.

Batech quality

Fresh fabric does not deform, does not shrink, does not lose color, is breathable and also protects you from the sun's rays ... and as a good BATECH fabric, you do not need to put it in the dryer and is wash and wear


our secret

We work with new generation fibers to achieve breathability that a few years ago would have been unimaginable and also all our fabrics contain silver ions which allow us to offer you antibacterial clothing.

But not everything ends here! Thanks to the geometry of the microfilaments, when a drop of liquid falls on them, by the principle of capillarity, the evaporation surface is expanded as much as possible and ultra-fast drying is achieved.

We use UV filters that allow us to stop the penetration of the sun's rays to spectacular levels. For dark fabrics you can reach 97% of the filter, whereas with conventional cotton fabrics it can hardly exceed 70%.

In addition, our fabric does not shrink, does not lose color, does not deform, practically does not peel ("balls") which turns into a fabric that endures very well the passage of time.


Easy to keep

washing temperature.

wash it at 30ºC temperature, normal cycle, 600 rpm maximum.

don’t iron it.

it doesn’t need to be ironed, but if you want to, do it in a low temperature and avoiding seams.

don’t use bleach.

use only mild colour detergents.

don’t use drying machine.

it won’t be needed and crumpling will be avoided.